oh hello!
thanks for coming here! my name is leslie and this is a day for pie. ‘a day for pie’ is not only the name of this blog but also a true statement about all days ever. i love pie. i love baking it, eating it, smelling it, writing about it, reading about it, and learning about it. here we will hopefully do all of those things together!

this little blog was born out of my dreams of one day owning a pie shop. those dreams have been shelved for an indefinite length of time. but, if i can’t have a shop i can at least still do SOMETHING with my love for this most delicious dessert, right? so if you make a pie i share on here could you do me a favor? close your eyes and pretend you’re eating it at the cutest little pie diner you can imagine. thanks.

so here i am. i hope you’ll join me for this little adventure and maybe even share some of your favorite pies with me!

i do all of this pie loving from kansas city, missouri. i live here with my husband jesse and 2 yr old son shepherd. we love it and think you should visit. you’ll probably love it too.


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