just add maple….

16 Nov

well it’s friday already. how did that happen?! i baked two different versions of a pie this week and neither turned out post worthy. frustrating. so i am going to post a delicious little tweak on an all time favorite of mine-maple buttermilk pie.
guys- just when you think buttermilk pie couldn’t get any better, add some maple syrup to it and your life will be changed. all you need to do is follow the recipe here for buttermilk pie, only take out 1/2 cup sugar and replace it with maple syrup and add 2 tablespoons more of flour and a 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. bake as usual and just try to stop yourself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. seriously. stop. you will feel sick. but do eat it for breakfast. i did. several times.

also, on this week before thanksgiving some of you may be planning ahead and trying to do as much food prep as possible before your big turkey dinner. well, yesterday i helped a friend of mine prep pies and freeze them so thanksgiving day all she has to do is pop those babies in the oven and voila! homemade pies! we prepped pumpkin and pecan pies. we made them just as you normally would, only when the time came to bake them we covered them tightly in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. she (or you, if you decided to freeze your pies early) will just need to bake them a bit longer than usual to cook them all the way through. easy as pie.
cooks illustrated said we could (instructions toward the end) so i trust them. also, that recipe for apple pie from cooks illustrated is a WONDERFUL choice of pie to serve on thursday. i plan to bake my pecan pie and pumpkin parsnip pie.

on this glorious holiday of thankfulness and pie, what do you plan to make?


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