pie, etc.

5 Oct

                                                                                                    *not all tissues shown*

well it seems the sick germs that were floating around the air here in kc landed on my face. i am sick. so there will be no pie baking this week. however, i will not leave you with nothing to read! here are a few links to some of the things that make me the most excited about pie, and food, and fall.

pie related:

ken haedrich is the boss of pie. go here and learn great things. then come back here because i love you. and you love me too…right?
this lady gets the heart of pie. and i love her. read about her.
ezra pound cake dominates this chocolate pecan bourbon pie. yes. that’s right. i said chocolate pecan bourbon pie. just what you need on this cold day!
my favorite quiche recipe ever by joy the baker. i add a little bit of green onion even. yum.

not pie related (but still delicious):

my favorite fall meal. ever. i seriously count the days until i can eat this. had it tonight. perfect.
honey roasted pears from sprouted kitchen. you won’t regret it.

do you have any happy weekend plans? my little guy has gotten his very first birthday party invitation and we’re going on saturday. i WILL be better be then.


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